Friday, March 20, 2009

scrap in my bucket "maiden" post

i decided to follow the trend right now and create a blog to archive my creative doings.
so here it goes. . . .my first post:

i went to a scrapbook weekend retreat a couple weeks ago and decided to take all {well, a lot} of our beach photos from san diego.  i'm glad i did, i was excited to scrapbook them and so i had a lot of creative juices flowing. . . .

{i haven't quite figured out how to upload them by scanning them in because that involves taking more than one scan and then stitching them together, so i used the good ole camera and it doesn't show the best quality. . . .the pages have light spots and shadows that aren't really there and the color isn't quite right, but you get the general idea. . . .}

{you can also click on each photo to enlarge it}

i still have a ton of pool and beach photos, but i also printed a bunch of disney photos so i think i'm going to change it up a little and start working on those. . . . . until next time. . . . .